Mentoring with Marilyn O'Malley, Life Coach
Receive guidance on how to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from personal and professional growth.
Marilyn O'Malley guides creative entrepreneurs to remove the blocks that keep them feeling unseen, insecrure and limited personally and professionally, so they become empowered, confident and able to make the difference they are here to make in the world.
For 15 years, Marilyn O’Malley has been coaching sensitive and creative entrepreneurs all over the world in personal and professional development, empowering them to achieve the success they desire in their business and life. Her clients desire to live on purpose, serving humanity and the planet, while maintaining a fulfilling and balanced personal life. Marilyn works practically and energetically with many tools, teaching entrepreneurs how to build their dream, confidence, relationships, trust, focus, leadership, charisma and love.
Areas of Expertise:
  • Teaching highly sensitive & creative entrepreneurs how to thrive
  • Guiding millennials in personal and professional development as entrepreneurs, employees or college students
  • Relationships: love, work, boundaries, family, communication, trust
  • Releasing the killer of creativity, self-worth and fulfillment: PERFECTIONISM
  • Changing limiting beliefs and actions into positive transformation
  • Self love for confidence, self-esteem, charisma, leadership
  • Life/Work balance and fulfillment
  • Stopping needless suffering
  • Developing intuition
*Available to Part Time, Full Time, Dedicated Desk and Office Members