Enchantment: Effective Storytelling in Marketing
Many entreprenuers shy away from self promotion for the fear of sounding egocentric. Yet, the truth is that marketing (which is really about storytelling), branding (which is really about personal clarity), and business development (which is really about fulfilling your destiny) are powerful opportunities for healing and self-empowerment for both you and your audience.
In this experiential workshop, you will discover the links between branding and mythologizing as well as how to articulate the prevailing archetypal themes that operate beneath all of your creative work.
Learn how to write meaningfully and effectively for a variety of mediums, including websites, blogs, social media, and electronic newsletters.
About the Speaker: 
Kris Oster, Ph.D is a brand strategist, marketing copywriter and coach for creative and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who are determined to find more meaning AND profit in their businesses. 
She was a once a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. She even made her employer $1 million with a single e-newsletter once.
But, like you, she heard the siren’s call and decided to pursue a life of pleasure, doing what she loves.
She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels otherworldly … seductive … enthralling … and totally pleasure-soaked.